Improving Your Brain Function With Massage

Books, studies and brain games are proven to stimulate thought processes. If you aren’t an enthusiastic reader, learner or gamer, your brain may be dormant. Let’s try a few exercises to verify if that is true. Can you remember what you dreamt yesterday night? Count backwards by 1s from 100. What is this blog about? Who performs a massage?

Easy right!

If one of the exercises posed a challenge to you, it’s not that you’re an idiot, but your brain is asleep. Chances are you spend most of your time watching the news, listening to music, playing video games or watching movies. These activities can cause harm to the receptors and diminish brain function. In short, they make you lazy and dumb. But there is help for you in form of therapeutic massage.

The healthier your brain is – the livelier and happier your life will be. Many people are walking zombies. They may look smart and talk smart, but their brains are “dead”. Ask them when you last met. Even if it was an hour ago, they would have already forgotten. Luckily, such people can make their brains fully functional through massage therapy.

Massage leverages the power of touch. Studies show that human touch steps up oxytocin levels, slows down fast heart rate and builds up your confidence and sense of trust. But does massage really improve brain function? Yes, it does. Thanks to Lasertech Clinic, we have the answers for you. Be sure to visit Lasertech Clinic for massages if you’re in the Adelaide area.

Here’s how:

High levels of cortisol and low levels of dopamine cause more stress. Therapeutic massage has an opposite effect on dopamine and cortisol levels. It also decreases brain activity in the frontal right lobe and increases it in the left.

A deep tissue massage stimulates brain receptors. The massage therapist goes deep into the layers of tissue and muscle, where the brain’s strongest connections are found. When these signals reach the brain, proteins and neurotransmitters are released to benefit the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

These systems have a tremendous impact on brain function. They form a communication network that enables the brain to receive intracellular signals during a massage. If any of these systems is compromised, problems can arise. The other two systems may get affected. Subsequently, brain activity decreases.

The brain depletes 20% of the body’s glucose reserves. To maintain the glucose levels, it’s important to eat or drink something within one or two hours before getting a massage. This ensures maximum results. The pressure applied does not affect body functions, particularly sending of intracellular signals to the brain. So whether you’re getting a therapeutic massage or a relaxing one, you can reap the rewards of improved brain activity.

In some cases, the brain should not be overstimulated. If you’re a stroke victim, too much brain stimulation can injure neurons further. Therefore, if you’re ill or injured, it’s better to consult with your primary care provider first and be sure to inform your massage therapist of any medical issues.

Everything you do or avoid to do can affect your brain. At least massage therapy increases brain activity and improves the body’s ability to function efficiently. So why not give it a try?

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Head Lice Treatment – Do You Understand What You Are Up Against?

If people get head lice all they are concerned about is getting head lice treatment. Have you ever wondered precisely what you are dealing with when you’ve got head lice?

The condition of having head lice is a disorder called Pediculosis that’s been in existence for centuries causing unlimited discomfort to children and also to some extent even adults. Head lice happen because it’s an extremely infectious disease and doesn’t rely upon whether or not a man or woman is dirty or clean. While head lice aren’t deadly to people, it’s still an immensely uncomfortable affliction.

Being exceptionally sociable parasites, head lice spread and melt and suck blood out of its host about a few times every day. They pick a place of scalp and inject it with their spit to be certain that the blood they suck on flows evenly and doesn’t clot.

The first stage of lice starts out as nits or eggs out of which nymphs hatch. Each unit includes a cap-like arrangement and is firmly attached to the hair shaft. Nymphs appear from abundant nits by means of this cap following a week. Following these nymphs go through three phases of molting, they get mature lice. These mature lice require around ten times discovering the right mate. After this occurs, the male lice and feminine lice partner regularly any time of the day.

It’s intriguing to know that a female louse lays about fifty to a hundred and fifty five nit within her lifetime. Sixty percent of those units are abundant. This implies that if you’re to have ten pairs of fertile lice successfully replicating, with every single female using a one percent achievement rate concerning their nits, it’d indicate that one female louse can successfully create ninety nymphs each. Multiply this by ten and you have got nine hundred prospective lice. Utilizing a standard seventy five percent survival rate for nymphs, you may have six hundred and seventy five full-fledged lice at the conclusion of this molting period. At this time, those six hundred and seventy five will pair off. If forty five percent of these lice are feminine, and they’ve successfully inoculated with male lice, it usually means that approximately three hundred and four female lice will create forty-five million six hundred new nits. This may possibly generate a colony that’s really astounding.

Head lice removal service that combats these incredibly contagious creatures and may travel from one individual to another through intimate contact. For instance, when you espouse an infected individual, your heads almost touch one another, and before you know it, you also are infected. Employing a hat or cap or perhaps a hair brush which belongs to a comfortable individual may also offer you head lice. Sharing a bed with all the infected individual is just another sure fire way which may get you infected too.

Because not everybody likes the notion of pesticide shampoos especially for their kids, a new procedure of Houston treatment for head lice is currently available. Dimethicone is a sort of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) oil, which can be a natural non-flammable and nontoxic silicone-like material that’s effective in preventing head lice by blocking the air passage efficiently. It’s a potent solution to both effective home remedies such as mayonnaise, olive oil, thick hair creams and sprays, which cause the very same results.

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