Benefits of Fitness and Exercises for Neurological Health

Benefits of Fitness and Exercises for Neurological Health

Everyone understands the benefits of exercises and fitness. Aside from keeping diseases at bay, exercises help to shed excess weight and increase your ability to carry out physical activities. However, most of the people are unaware that when they perform workouts, they also indulge in fitness and exercises for neurological health. While the physical changes exercises have on your body are visible, the changes undergone by the brain can’t be seen in a mirror. However, fitness and exercises do contribute to your neurological health in many ways.

Exercises increase resilience to stress

Exercises are a great way to beat stress. The neuro coping capability of the brain increases with regular exercises. This in turn reduces your anxiety levels when you are exposed to stress. People who perform regular workouts are in a position to deal with stressful circumstances in a much better way. The result is better mental health, better decision and enhanced mind control.

Simple day to day exercises such as walking and jogging are useful in maintaining the health of your brain. You may also participate in outdoor games with your loved ones. All these workouts strengthen your brain to deal with stress easily.

Exercises slow down brain atrophy

Your brain begins to lose volume as you cross the age of 30. This could affect memory, cognitive behavior, and even spur the onset of dementia. The situation could be worse in case you have a weak memory right from your tender age. However, you can reverse all these effects with regular exercises and sound fitness.

A small session of cardio workouts on a daily basis can boost your memory power. Also, cardio exercises are well known for a healthy heart, which is responsible for many neurological disorders in conjunction with the brain. A healthy heart resulting from daily exercises increase the flow of blood to your brain, which ensures smooth and healthy working of your brain.

Exercises makes the brain bigger

It is surprising to learn that exercising actually makes the brain bigger. People who indulge in aerobic fitness programs enjoy a significant increase in the white matter and grey matter of the brain. A bigger brain increases its neurological ability and you are able to cope with any mental disease with ease.

Bottom line

Thus, fitness and exercises impact your neurological health in various ways. Increased resilience to stress, bigger brain and better memory are some of the perks of exercising and maintaining sound fitness. This is why it is advised to do regular workouts to harness the varied physical as well as mental benefits.

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